Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Beauty YouTubers

I can't in good conscience start my blog without giving credit where credit is due. I've essentially  learned everything I know about beauty and fashion from watching beauty videos on YouTube. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...haha so I just thought I would go through my favorite YouTubers if you're looking for new people to watch or you have yet to discover the destructive vortex of beauty videos. I honestly think that every girl should watch at least one beauty guru or look at beauty blogs (*wink) because I know that personally they have given me so much confidence. So here are some of my faves...
1. missglamorazzi (Ingrid)
Ingrid was the first beauty guru I ever started to watch on YouTube. I found her through watching her ex-boyfriend Luke's videos, but once I saw one of her videos, I could not stop watching them! I think I honestly spent an entire Saturday watching them. I like Ingrid's videos because she has similar skin issues to mine, like oily skin and hyper pigmentation, so I know I can always trust her recommendations. She has a very classic and girly style, which I like to apply bits and pieces of to my own wardrobe. She also does a lot of DIY (or GIY, glam it yourself) videos, which I have done a few of, and they're great. Overall, I think Ingrid is great for product recommendations, hairstyle ideas, and outfits of the day, but her makeup tutorials are fairly basic.
 2. FleurdeForce (Fleur)
I watch Fleur's videos mainly for her fashion hauls. She also has a very girly and classic style, but she likes to take risks, especially in terms of jewelry. In terms of beauty, she generally makes high-end recommendations, which I like to stay away from. For some reason, I find her videos very calming haha. She provides great gift guides around Christmas time and I would say you should watch her videos for her fashion and beauty hauls.
3. TanyaBurr (Tanya)
I AM OBSESSED WITH TANYA BURR. Now that's cleared up, I can tell you that I absolutely love Tanya's videos mainly because she's a professional makeup artist. She has some very technical makeup looks, but she is great at explaining the basics, like contouring, and how to do winged eyeliner. Tanya is absolutely gorgeous and has a very bubbly and adorable personality. You can't help but smile when you watch her videos. She has a classic style, but once in a while she'll take risks with patterns and edgy pieces. Tanya has very vast product knowledge and uses a wide range of products from high end to drugstore. Overall, I would watch her videos if you're looking to expand your makeup skills.
4. Zoella (Zoe)
I mainly watch Zoe's videos for her fashion advice. Her style is very Zooey Deschanel-esque, which I love to incorporate into my own wardrobe (in a more tone-downed way). Zoe has only done one makeup tutorial on her channel, and she usually just wears a classic cat eye, but she has great fashion videos and has some great hair tutorials. She also recommends a lot of great makeup products in a large price range.
5. EleventhGorgeous (Tracy and Stefanie)
It took me a while to warm up to Tracy and Stefanie because they can be a little overbearing at first, but I'm glad I stuck around because they are absolutely hilarious. I love their ipsy vs. Birchbox videos, which inspired me to subscribe to ipsy! They're basically unboxing videos, but you can really see that ipsy provides larger and better samples. Tracy and Stefanie also love them their drugstore hauls! They pretty much exclusively use drugstore products, which is great because the products they use are easily accessible and cheap. And when they do use a high-end product, you know it's good because they wouldn't waste their money. Recently, they've been putting up some really great hair tutorials, which I've been all about. 
Sorry this post was a bit rambling, but I hope you found it helpful! Some of my other favorites you should check out are pixiwoo and beautycrush. 

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